Primary Classes

Building on basics with lots of fun

Creative Writing

No more writer’s block. No more “I don’t know what to write.” It’s time to sharpen pencils and minds, turn on thinking caps and laugh, cry and shine as we learn the craft of capture and rapture every reader, whether it be our teacher or a fellow writer. 

Math Tuition

With the right techniques and practice, your child will be able to master model drawings, tackle problem sums and be more confident of Math than ever. This course teaches tips and tricks that help students make Math look like tasty sweets.

Science Tuition

Our Science Tuition excites students as they discover the world in and around them through colourful, visual mind-maps, interesting videos and interactive lessons. All these help them to easily retain keywords and effectively apply them in questions that test their understanding. 

English Tuition

From reading enchanting stories that greatly improve proficiency in the language, learning grammar rules and applying them in the most appropriate  ways in multiple-choice and cloze questions to building up banks of difficult vocabulary words and picking up skills to read, understand and extract accurate information from comprehension passages, students learn all they need to conquer English exam papers and improve their literacy.

Ready to Have Some Fun Learning?

Our decades of experience in the realm of education have shaped our approach and curriculum into one that infuses effective learning that seeks to improve grades while making it enjoyable and motivating for every child.

A different kind of classroom.

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