Preschool Classes

Enriching learning for your budding ones.

Montessori Phonics & Reading

This program is the rock-solid-bottom of literacy. From the nuanced recognition of the sounds of every English alphabet to the merging blends of dual sounds and digraphs, kids progress to become confident and fluent readers, setting a strong core in their English language development for their lives.

P1 Preparatory

Joyride the jitters away of entering Primary 1.  This program prepares and levels up the expectations of your child for what is to come in Primary 1. From grammar rules and comprehension skills in English to problem sums and calculation techniques in Math, we’ve got your child covered. 

Montessori Mathematics

Another much-needed foundational anchor in your kid’s numeracy, this program grounds the basics of counting, adding and subtracting using hands-on Montessori materials that have stood the test of time in making countless of children worldwide to become masters in numbers.

Ready to Have Some Fun Learning?

Our decades of experience in the realm of education have shaped our approach and curriculum into one that infuses effective learning that seeks to improve grades while making it enjoyable and motivating for every child.

A different kind of classroom.

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