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Building a strong foundation in numeracy is very important, useful and helpful at a young age. Couple that with the renowned Montessori pedagogy and fun, hands-on materials and the result is a child confident and motivated in Math! 

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Start young in building a rock-solid foundation in Math

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Montessori Math is taught using the aid of hands-on Montessori materials that help to deepen the understanding of the concepts learnt.

Students learn the counting of numbers from 1-20, comparing smaller and bigger numbers and arranging them in order. Their learning is supplemented with practice worksheets and activities.

Our kids learn adding and subtracting of numbers from 1-20. They are given much guidance and a variety of worksheets and sums to reinforce their knowledge in this vital topic in Math.

Names of the different kinds of shapes are introduced and students are able to identify them visually.

Our children practice writing the numbers 1-20 in numerals and spelling them accurately in words.

Short or Long? Light or Heavy? We initiate our kids into the measurement of a myriad of objects through the units associated with mass and length. 

We love bonding our kids with Math through the illustrations of number bonds that greatly simply the complexities of addition and subtraction fact families. 

To us, all of our students are 1st. And everything else is 2nd. With ordinal numbers, not only do our kids know what is 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they learn the priceless virtue of prioritisation. Now, they hopefully know that family always comes 1st 🙂

There is nothing odd about even numbers. They are just different form each other. How? Well that’s what we are about to find out in this part of the course.

Let’s share our things equally among our friends by learning the topic of Division. That way, we can multiply the love we have for each other 🙂

It is time to get serious about Time. Our kids learn the worth of every second and minute. Hopefully, this topic teaches them how precious time is.

Let’s count our savings, pay the price for Mummy’s gift and collect the change. Mummy is going to be so proud of me!

Teachers at center show professionals & great responsibility. Highly recommended!!!
Seah Teck Sheng

Start Your Child's Math Strong & Right!

Montessori Math gives your child a strong foundation in numeracy.

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