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Budding writers develop an innate love for writing, learn techniques in expressing moving stories and pick up tools that are essential to become an eloquent writer.

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The place where love for writing blooms and blossoms

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Gaining inspiration from good stories is one of the first steps to becoming a great writer. Our classes never fail to start with delving into the depths of an awesome story. Hopefully, your child’s could be one of the stories that we read in our classes in the future too 😉

To write a masterpiece of a story, precise words and phrases are key in clearly expressing places and people so that the reader can vividly imagine the scenes depicted and can’t wait to dive deeper into the story.

Enough of dull sentences that repeat with the same kind of structures. Crafting each sentence uniquely is truly a skill in capturing the reader’s attention and making stories more interesting. Students learn techniques  like fronted adverbials and reporting clause positions to add diversity to their sentence forms.

Stories rich in description and detail are able to enchant readers and hold their attention. Our children learn simple yet powerful techniques that help them to easily illustrate their words to life in the minds of the reader.

‘I don’t know what to write’ is a common predicament that students face when starting their composition practice or exam papers. This statement is starkly contradictory to the imaginative minds that kids possess. How then do we unlock this vast ocean of creative potential in them? The answer lies in a combination of factors such as a space where imaginative ideas are accepted and encouraged and activities that provide them with opportunities to express their likes and dislikes with minimal constraints.

How many pages or paragraphs to write? The longer the better? Although students should be allowed to express themselves without any minimum or maximum limits, it is important at this stage for them to be provided with clear paragraph layouts and compo formats that can help them greatly in finishing their stories on time while not compromising on content nor language. 

Unlike Math for example, children do not get very much better in writing by just do more and more practice. In fact, by doing so, they may start to lose interest in writing and dread even attempting it. Rather, what we try to achieve is in kindling the love for writing in the students and providing them with the ideal set of resources and guidance such that they write freely, confidently, and passionately.

Paige enjoys her lessons especially creative writing as it is very interesting. She did well for her school with the help of the classes. Thanks again to her teachers!
Bee S

Spark the love of writing!

Creative Writing helps your child to develop a love for writing and become a strong and skilled writer.

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