3G Abacus


Expanding memory power and quickening mental calculative capacity

Course Overview
1 hour per session
  • Improve Mental Calculation
  • Prolonging Concentration Ability
  • Sharpening Thinking Skills
  • Expand Memory Capacity
  • Increase responsiveness
What is 3G Abacus?
3G (or 3rd Generation) Abacus combines 9-bead and traditional abacus, allowing students to pick up the technique of Abacus more quickly and relate better to mainstream Mathematics. There are fewer formulas (2 sets, instead of 6 sets) to memorise, making it easier to learn. Generally, 3G Abacus helps children to improve their mental arithmetic, response capability, thinking skills, memory and concentration. It also helps them to relate better to the Mathematics that they learn in school.
Who is it for?
Although 3G Abacus is for almost any age group, Buzzing Bees Montessori has focused its resources in teaching it to children aged 4 to 6 years old (N2-K2). The set of Abacus books and materials that we use are designed specifically for this age group such that they are simple, colourful, and fun.
What are its benefits?
Just like the traditional abacus, 3G Abacus can improve your child’s memory and thinking skills and it also aims to cultivate an interest in mathematics in your child. With 3G Abacus, your child progressively improves in his or her mental arithmetic abilities, creating a solid foundation in Mathematics.
Who teaches your child?
Our teachers are trained and certified by 3G Abacus and also have
a vast experience in preschool education. They also meet the minimum national standard for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for instructors.
The Classroom
Our classroom is thoughtfully set to enhance the learning environment for your child. Tables and chairs are low to ensure that your child is not distracted by discomfort while doing his or her work. The setting of the tables and chairs are in an arrangement that allows the teacher to pay attention to your child although he or she might be attending to another student. The surrounding areas are clear to ensure free movement for your child when he or she approaches the teacher, goes to the toilet, or is given a play break. Such conveniences are subtle yet necessary for an enriching learning experience.
Learning materials
Your child is provided with the essential materials such as the 3G Abacus set and preschool workbooks throughout the 3G Abacus syllabus.
Grading & Assessment
Periodically, your child will be assessed on his or her standard. You may also wish for your child to take part in the yearly International Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Grading Examination.


  • Age group : Nursery & Kindergarten
  • Class size : Max 6 students per teacher
  • Duration per session : 1 hour
  • Frequency of sessions : Once per week
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